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B&J International, LLC was founded in the fall of 2003. B&J International was established due to requests from our customers for LCC (low-cost-country) tooling.


We chose to combine our skills and talents as American tool builders with the low cost of offshore tooling to create an affordable and effective system in which plastic injection molds, metal stamping dies and build to print details could be procured internationally, but 100% managed and supported domestically.

Over the years, B&J International, LLC project managers, have developed and streamlined the system in which a tool is designed and built internationally, but orchestrated, managed, and supported in the U.S. Our project managers’ work in conjunction with designers and toolmakers from B&J Specialty, Inc. to ensure your tooling is intent designed and quality built.


The goal of B&J International, LLC is to provide our customers the opportunity to purchase tooling that is competitive enough for them to receive new projects for their businesses/employees, while also assuring that the tooling they receive was designed with their input, built with the highest level of workmanship, meticulously inspected, and fully supported throughout the trialing process at their facility.


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7919N 100E
Wawaka, IN 46794
260-761-5011 Phone
260-761-5861 Fax

Dan McMaken

Operations Manager

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Doug Taylor

Project Manager

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Rex McCraner

Sales Manager

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Low Cost-Country Metal Stamping Die Design & Build

Low Cost-Country Mold Design & Build

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